Borg ARM builds

Currently there are automated builds for three different versions of ARM hardware:

ARMv5 / ARMv4t

Borg 1.4.0

This version is built for 32Bit-ARM CPUs without a Floating-Point-Unit (ARM v4t and v5).

A lot of NAS devices are using this type of hardware.
wget -O /usr/bin/borg
chmod a+x /usr/bin/borg

ARMv7 / ARMv6

Borg 1.4.0

This version is built for 32Bit-ARM CPUs with a Floating-Point-Unit (ARM v6 and v7).

A lot of modern ARM boards and devices ship with a floating-point unit (FPU). This includes Raspberry Pis and some powerful NAS devices.
wget -O /usr/bin/borg
chmod a+x /usr/bin/borg

ARMv8 (or ARM64)

Borg 1.4.0

This version is built for modern 64Bit-ARM CPUs (ARM v8).
Examples include modern smartphones or the Pine64.
wget -O /usr/bin/borg
chmod a+x /usr/bin/borg

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version should I choose?

There is probably only one version that's going to run on your device. Run uname -m and choose the version that's named similar to the output.

Which dependencies do I need?

These binaries should work on the specified platform without installing any dependencies except for libc.
You can find more information about how to use them in the borg documentation.

How can I check the authenticity of the binaries?

All binaries are signed with PGP key A96A45C9.
# Import public key:
gpg --import borg-binary-builder.asc

# Verify the downloaded binary with it's signature file:
gpg --verify <borg-binary.asc> <borg-binary>

Where can I submit bug reports or feature requests?

Please open an issue here.

Can I use a script to check this website for updates?

Yes, but please use this JSON representation in stead of this website. Also, please note that excessive polling might get you banned.


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